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Sunroom Charm

An uncommon, though certainly not rare, sunrooms have gained popularity as homeowners spend more time at home and seek expansion of their living space, particularly in the unique setting a sunroom can offer. Some homeowners building an addition will look at using traditional walls, but replacing those walls with glass to create the sunroom that extends the space into the backyard and creates an atmosphere unlike any other in the home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average cost of a 200-sqaure-foot sunroom addition runs around $31,000, while the average return on the investment hovers near the 70 percent mark. As with many remodeling projects, the renovation, the more unlikely a homeowner is to recoup the investment.

Yet, sunrooms are rarely a home project looked at in much the same light as kitchens and bathrooms, the two most investment savvy remodeling tasks. Rather, homeowners predominantly view sunrooms as a project aimed at producing one result: in-the-moment enjoyment. Homeowners like a sunroom as an added space separate from the main living area of home and as a place that has a distinct and unique feel. They’re looking at how the sunroom will enhance their life.

Most often, sunrooms woo homeowners seeking a multi-purpose space to accommodate entertaining or daily relaxation. People are looking at the sunroom as something that can be used regularly.

A sunroom’s presence can enhance the overall look of the home, allowing other spaces to inherit one less function and flooding in the home with natural light with its window-dominated walls. Sunrooms also foster a compelling connection with the outdoors, specifically on home sites with more dramatic landscape or views and they are that wonderful transition between the inside and the outside. Sunroom enclosed space brings added security and protection from nature’s elements.


3 or 4 season sunrooms can be one of the most multi-functional areas of a home. With such diverse uses, sunrooms hold vast possibilities for finished, details and elements. Over the years, we outfitted sunrooms with a wet bars and granite countertops to serve as a buffet area, whirpools and a lap pools, witnessed homeowners use the sunroom for entertaining guests and, in many cases, breakfast or dinner dining.

We also constructed two-way fireplaces, typically separating the sunroom from the kitchen or the sunroom from the yard and provided built-in grill access, a practical feature as the sunroom typically rests adjacent to a kitchen entrance.

To maximize the sunroom’s impact and use, we provide some time-tested tips:

Do fill the space with windows:

It’s almost universal, that a sunroom is far more glass and far less drywall. Windows foster the home’s connection with the outdoors and capitalize on the space’s most overwhelming purpose- to create a space that is unique to the home. Consider transom windows, which intensify the natural light and sunroom’s dramatic look.

Don’t limit yourself to the three-season room:

At the minimum, investigate spending the added money to create a year-round sunroom space. Unlike the screen room, sunrooms are created for year-round use, often by extending HVAC components into the space for comfort in June as much as January. The extra investment brings flexibility and better resale value.

Do use volume ceilings:

High ceilings are another universal trait in the most dynamic sunrooms. Combined with windows, the volume ceilings provide the feeling of space, openness, and luxury.

Don’t be bashful on size:

If the land can accommodate a more ambitious project, homeowners should not be bashful about creating a larger space. The dramatic flair created by the use of various windows and volume ceilings is multiplied in a larger space. The 10-foot-by-10-foot space is simply not enough.

Do consider continuity:

If separating the sunroom with a doorway, most elect to go with a different flooring finish, an aesthetic decision that consciously labels the sunroom as a unique, distinctive space. If the sunroom is open to the home, the continuity of flooring, and even color in some instances, will help ensure a uniform, connected look.

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