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Custom Pool Enclosures

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The Best Custom Pool Enclosures in The Chicago Area

If you’d like to enjoy your swimming pool year-round, open up your home to the radiant outdoors, or add a multipurpose space for outdoor/poolside entertaining, Millennium Construction has the solution for you. Custom Pool Enclosures bring natural light and fresh air into your home, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without rain, wind, or insects ruining the experience.

A pool enclosure will not only extend the swim season, but also increase your living space by protecting from less than favorable weather conditions. Our models include space for furniture, planters, or even exercise equipment. Custom-built enclosures even offer using materials such as wood, brick, and stone, to be incorporated into custom designs to match the style of your home and personal taste. They can feature cathedral or dome-shaped roofs, custom moldings, and motorized opening systems.

Not only do pool enclosures keep the water level at comfortable temperatures, they also provide significantly reduced cost. Most owners save on chemicals, heating bills, and even water bills due to our enclosures' ability to prevent evaporation while holding in the heat. Pool enclosures and spa enclosures also keep out dirt, leaves, and insects. ultimately, you spend less time cleaning and more time swimming, and relaxing in your backyard.

Custom Pool Enclosure Variants

If you thought all pool enclosures were the same, think again. Millennium Construction offers the following styles of pool enclosures:

Inflatable Pool Enclosures

Inflatable pool enclosures are both affordable and easy to use. Motorized fans are used to create a small pressure difference between the inside and outside air, which keeps the domes inflated. These enclosures are made of a coated vinyl material that comes in an array of colors and can be customized to fit any pool size or shape. They are the most affordable

Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Telescopic pool enclosures are retractable structures with safety glass or polycarbonate glazed panels that slide on a track or use a rolling mechanism to open and close. This allows you to keep the enclosure open when you want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of the summer season and close it during colder months and inclement weather, however it can be left up all year because its composition is strong enough to resist harsh weather conditions.

Permanent Pool Enclosures

Permanent pool enclosures can be designed to be freestanding, lean-to, or attached to your home. They are built using tempered aluminum framework and stainless steel hardware. The roof and walls are often made of light-transmitting polycarbonate, which provides excellent insulation. Permanent pool enclosures allow for the most customization and can be designed to match the color and style of your home. They are a great choice for pool owners looking to increase their living space.

Benefits of a Pool Enclosure

An extended swim season is great, and year-round swimming is even better. In addition to being able to use your pool more often, enclosures have other key benefits too:

  • Shields from dirt and debris, so that you will not have to clean the pool as often
  • Keeps the pool from being exposed to changing weather conditions, so that you do not need to change or add chemicals as often.
  • The water filter will work at optimal efficiency due to debris not being present, and it does not need to be ran as long.
  • The enclosure provides insulation so that you do not need to run the heater as often.

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We use some of the highest performing insulated glass system in the industry, with insulating properties more than 5 times that of standard sunroom glass.

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We offer the most energy efficient sunroom system options available: Low E2 and Low E3 glass, Super Spacer, and the EcoGreen roof, deck, and wall system.

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