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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a Sunroom cost?

A: Each sunroom has a different size and comes with different options. Sorry we can’t provide you the price of a sunroom over the phone. We have to inspect existing conditions and the structure of your house, and then we can consult you for the most efficient way to build a sunroom. We will also provide an estimate on the spot with different option costs. Call us at 708-955-2470 to schedule a free estimate-consultation.

Q: What is a process of building a sunroom?

A: After the design has been arranged, we will obtain architectural drawings and submit them to the building department (and home association if required). On your behalf we will attend planning meetings to make sure that the permit for your sunroom or room addition is issued on time. Depending on the village building department and complicity of the project it may take 1-5 weeks to obtain a permit. After the permit is approved, we will order your custom designed sunroom (usually takes 4 weeks to manufacture and deliver). At that time we will do all the foundations and deck preparation work. When a sunroom is delivered, it usually takes 2-5 days to install a patio enclosure. In most cases your sunroom addition project takes 2 months after you sign a contract.

Q: Can I build a sunroom on an existing deck?

A: Every town has different building codes and regulations. Some towns require continuous concrete trench foundations- 42” deep minimum; in some of the towns we just have to reinforce existing deck. We will determine that while giving you your free estimate.

Q: My existing concrete patio is in very good shape, can I build a sunroom on the top?

A: Yes, you can build over existing concrete patio, we just have to saw, cut, and add concrete trench foundation around the perimeter of your sunroom which extends bellow a frost line to prevent concrete pad from shifting.

Q: Will my property taxes go up?

A: In most cases if you do not bring HVAC lines from your house and keep an exterior door in to the sunroom, it’s considered as a “ three season room” and your taxes may go up just slightly depending on the village.

Q: Can I put a hot tub or pool in to my sunroom?

A: Absolutely! Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy your hot tub all year long. It is important to design your new room addition to have adequate ventilation. This can be as simple as using opening windows and skylights, or may require an optional wall or roof-mounted fan.

Q: Do the opening windows have screens?

A: Yes, all of the opening windows and skylights come standard with screens.

Q: Will I need to get a building permit?

A: Generally yes, it depends on local building code requirements - permit requirements are usually based on the amount of money spent, type and size of construction to be built.

Q: What is required to get a building permit?

A: Most local building departments require that certain basic design parameters be met. These usually include a check of set-back or property lines and drawings of the sun room addition.

Q: What is the difference between 3 and 4 season sunroom?

A: 4 season sunroom frames have built in chambers or barriers that stop the transmission of heat and cold. High- tech plastic breaks are built into aluminum frames to act as buffers between exterior metal surfaces and those on the interior. All of our windows come with double pane glass.

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